Longimanus – Steel vacuum cup 550 ml

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Longimanus? What is it? Here's the answer. Carcharinus longimanus is the scientific name of the oceanic white tip shark,...
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Longimanus? What is it?

Here's the answer.

Carcharinus longimanus is the scientific name of the oceanic white tip shark, a majestic predator living in open waters. It used to thrive but is now unfortunately threatened by human activities and plastic pollution.

Longimanus is a beautifully designed 550 ml reusable cup made of stainless steel, with a lid made of durable plastic and silicone.

You can use it to keep coffee (or tea) hot while you are on the go, and you will be able to enjoy it at the right temperature for many hours.

Imagine walking on a crisp winter morning on your way to work, with our cup in your hand. It's splash proof and won't scold your hands.

You can of course also use it during summer to keep your drinks cool.

And it comes with a steel straw, which will rescue you from the heat the moment you rest your lips on it, even before the first sip of - whatever it is that you're drinking - rushes down your throat.

  •  The cup is only composed of two pieces, and is therefore a breeze to wash
  •  The matte finished outer shell is very pleasant to the touch and gives the perfect grip, coupled with its durability and environmental friendliness
  •  The recycled cardboard box contains: the cup, two lids, a steel straw and a fabric carrying bag
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We record the PayPal donations to The Ocean Cleanup with a screen capture, and post the video on our YouTube channel. We don’t know any other company which is so transparent.

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Our items come inside useful fabric carrying bags and they are packaged inside white cardboard boxes. The boxes contain no single-use plastic. They are delivered to you by an Amazon courier, inside their famous brown boxes.
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No, at the moment we can only ship to the European Union.

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Improve some small habits and save sea turtles. By replacing disposable products with reusable long-lasting ones, you reduce plastic pollution and save animals that call the ocean their home. This is why our products are tough, reusable, practical. And then...look at us, we are Caretta and Caretta Mini, aren't we adorable? You'll simply love taking care of us.

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