Love for the sea

During one of his many trips, Mario was in Mexico thinking about the sea. He had seen it from all angles: from a surfboard, from the beach and from the inside, as a scuba and freediver. The problem of plastic is huge, he was aware of it by now. How could he help?


At that time, when he was not traveling, London was his home. He had noticed that people there were starting to bring their own reusable cups to coffee shops. From that Mexican beach, a light went on in his head and he'd set to work right away. Choice of materials, product design, logo, charity.

The birth of Undisposabl

A brand that would help people reduce the use of disposable plastic and give visibility to endangered marine species. But there was more. A big portion of the profits would go directly to funding the cleaning of the oceans from plastic. Not 1 or 10, but 25%.

That's just the beginning

Just in the first 18 months of activity, Undisposabl, thanks to the support of many people who care about the health of the sea, has managed to donate more than TEN thousand pounds. All donations' videos are recorded and uploaded online. And whoever carries an Undisposabl bottle is happy to explain why he or she chose to buy it, and what that little turtle logo means.

A great team

Since its birth, Undisposabl has been a great success, but Mario alone could not have made it. The oceans needed a team and that's why we joined him: Caretta and Caretta mini. Now we are a family at the service of the oceans. Let us introduce ourselves a little better.

I need a Caretta!

Undisposabl Family

If you were on a normal e-commerce website at this point you'd find the team presentation. We believe that to change the world you need more than a team, rather a family. Below you see only 3 members of the Undisposabl family, but every day new people decide to join us to help the oceans, and we are grateful for every single one of them.


Everyone jokes about our slowness, but we also know how to be quick. There's no time to waste if we want to save my species and the oceans in general.


After so many trips and thousands of pictures taken, I had enough of plastic. Luckily our family is getting bigger and bigger and together we can do great things. Will you join us?
Caretta Mini

Caretta Mini

Marketing Manager
A short time after we're born we usually head straight to the sea. I didn't, too scared of so much plastic. I had to join the grown-ups, they need young people for this battle.

Someone recently bought a

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