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We are beautiful and indestructible bottles. And more than that.
We are cool (and keep cool), made with high quality materials, yes. But when people turn to you "Hi, that's a beautiful bottle you've got there, is that a turtle?" you can also speak proudly of us. By saying that it’s a "caretta caretta", a splendid animal that populates the oceans but that due to human activities and plastic pollution is now at risk of extinction. You can explain that with the purchase of this bottle you have supported associations that clean up the oceans (we always donate 25% of our profits). You can help the planet and inspire others to take action.
Long lasting products
Improve some small habits and save sea turtles. By replacing disposable products with reusable long-lasting ones, you reduce plastic pollution and save animals that call the ocean their home. This is why our products are tough, reusable, practical. And then...look at us, we are Caretta and Caretta Mini, aren't we adorable? You'll simply love taking care of us.


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Become a champion of the oceans

Our actions, our decisions, impact people close to us. Buying consciously, giving, helping, will stimulate others to do the same. Your choices, even the smallest ones, can have enormous positive consequences.

Caretta - Steel vacuum bottle 750ml
£17.90 £22.86

“What is a Caretta?”, we hear you say.

Well… caretta caretta is the scientific name of the loggerhead sea turtle, a beautiful and big species living in the oceans. It used to thrive worldwide but is now unfortunately threatened by human activities and plastic pollution.

Caretta is a beautifully designed 750 ml (25.03 oz) “un-disposabl” reusable bottle made of stainless steel, with a screw-on lid made of steel and bamboo. You can use it to keep water, coffee, tea, or whatever…while you are on the go, and you will be able to enjoy it at the right temperature for eight hours or more.

Imagine surfing for 4 hours straight and leaving it in the scorching heat, only to find your water still nice and cool when you finally get out of the waves. And being the vessel made of steel, you will immediately feel rescued from the heat the moment you rest your lips on it, even before the first sip of - whatever it is that you’re drinking - rushes down your throat.

You can of course also use it at the office to keep your drinks the way you like them for the whole working day.

  • It's completely plastic free. Don’t be alarmed by the o-ring that you find on the 100% leak proof lid. That’s not made of plastic, but is instead silicone, which, as a material, is completely inert and will never release any chemical in your drinks
  • It comes in an eco fabric bag that is perfect for carrying it, especially if you put it in your bag with other objects that might scratch it
  • It's only composed of two pieces, and is therefore a breeze to wash
  • The matte finished external surface is very pleasant to the eye and to the touch, and it also keeps condensation away
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